Primi Piatti - Entree

Pagnota - Loaf of fresh baked bread with your choice of garlic butter, herb oil or plain butter. $8.90
Bruschetta - Loaf of fresh baked bread with tomato, Spanish onions, basil & extra olive oil. $9.90
Zuppa di Verdura - Chunky vegetable soup. $9.90
Zuppa del Giorno - Soup of the day $9.90
Affetati Platter - A Selection of traditional, freshly prepared italian delicacies $16.90
Spiedino di Pollo alla Griglla - Grilled skewers of chicken, sundried tomato and mushrooms ai alio. $14.90
Cozze Provencale - Local steamed mussles in a rich Napoli sauce, with white wine, mixed spices,garlic and shallots.
Cervelle Impanate - Crumbed lamb brains, pan-fried and topped with cognac and garlic sauce. $14.90
Insalata del Giardino - Fresh garden salad $8.90
Caesar Salad - Cos tossed with bacon, garlic, anchovies and croutons topped with shredded parmesan cheese in a creamy dressing.
Fromaggio alla Pugliese - Crumbled camembet cheese, deep fried and served with pineapple and cranberry sauce.$14.90
Funghi alla Diavolo - Garlic marinated mushrooms and spinach with parmigiano and aromatic herbs served with polenta. $14.90